SWO Angel Group


A Reckoning is Near

The continuing story of the possible global impact of a COVID-19 pandemic and the increasing likelihood of an impending economic pullback.

October Investor Meeting Highlights

On a crisp damp fall morning last week we gathered in a new location at the Highland Country Club for our monthly Investor Meeting. The bright green of fairways and trees (still) was an inspiring backdrop to listen to the pitches from two founders about their ventures.

Uniting Angel Investors

SWO Angels, Golden Triangle Angel Network and Angel One Investor Network came together last night to celebrate the launch of our strategic joint venture, “Equation,” forming one of the largest angel networks in North America with almost 200 cheque-writing angel investors.

Elevate 2019

“Even if eight out of 10 people you know say that your idea is crazy and only two think it is brilliant, run with it. Just be sure to include a partner who brings a different perspective.”