SWO Angel Group

February Investor Meeting Highlights

February 21, 2020

By: Dennis Ensing

Our February Investor Meeting as held on Thursday, February 20 with robust presentations and discussion with this month’s offering of investment opportunities. Snapshots of the three ventures selected this month are included below.

FEBRUARY Presenting Companies

Map Your Property: An online interactive tool that provides key development and planning information, identifying key risks and opportunities for any real estate development. Deeper Dive: March 2

Spindle Biotech: Has made it their mission to expedite the process of experimenting with RNA by enabling speeds of production never accomplished before. Deeper Dive: March 4

Neuvote: Has pioneered the most secure and comprehensive mobile voting application available today. Their Hybrid Mobile Voting System combines both digital and analog security methods, including a patent pending digital-to-paper mobile voting technology. This enhances voter access while maintaining traditional voting security features such as human visual verification and visual ballot confirmation. Deeper Dive: March 5

Earlier in the week they also presented to members of our Equation Angels partners in Kitchener/Waterloo and Burlington. All interested Equation investor members are now assembling around the scheduled Deeper Dives noted above to coordinate due diligence and possible syndicated investment. Details of location and dial-in can be provided separately on request.

Event Update

Our next Investor Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 19 7:30-10:00 am., to be followed by the AGM of our members. Also, the Events Calendar on our website includes upcoming education opportunities offered by our Equation Partners. Please let me know if you are an accredited investor and would like to an invitation to any of these events.

Investment Update

Due diligence continues with January’s presenting ventures. Full round subscriptions were recently closed with Synergy Disc Replacement, led by a SWO Angels member, and Little Canada.