SWO Angel Group

The SWO Angel Group Funding Process

Are you a fit for Angel Investing?

Before submitting your business plan for our consideration, you must determine if Angel capital – and specifically capital from our group – is right for your company.

We suggest you review our Introduction to Angel Investing prior to completing an online application.

SWO Angels, GTAN and Angel One Network

In June 2018, the Angel One Network, the Golden Triangle Angel Network (GTAN) and the Southwestern Ontario Angel Group (SWO Angels) successfully completed a pilot in which they coordinated their intake processes. Combined, these groups represent over 200 accredited investors who now collaborate on a unified process. Startup founders apply for consideration, with the successful companies pitching to all three-angel groups in the same week. Presenting companies have a higher likelihood of filling larger raises more expeditiously, by combining the angel groups’ available capital, sector expertise, and number of investors.

Our Funding Process

  1. Provide a concise summary of your company and the investment opportunity by completing an application on GUST with the group of your choice. This link can be found on each group’s website. Upload a copy of your investment pitch deck.
  2. Each month, The Alliance will review your application and assess whether your opportunity is a good match for our investors.
  3. Six companies will be invited to present in person to the joint Selection Committee between 1pm and 5pm on the first Thursday of the month. If invited, companies are given a seven-day notice prior to their meeting with the committee. If your company is not invited, you will be notified accordingly.
  4. At each Selection Committee meeting, two to four companies will be selected to present to the three angel groups. Companies that pitch well but for whom there are no further slots for presentation to our investors that month may be scheduled in the following month.
  5. If selected, you will be invited to present during the third week of that month. You will present to Angel One in Burlington on Tuesday morning, to GTAN in Kitchener on Tuesday evening, and to SWO Angels in London on Thursday morning.
  6. Following your presentations, interested investors from all three angel groups will meet with you during the 2-3 hour Deeper Dive meeting scheduled the following week. These Deeper Dive meetings will take place from 3 PM to 6 PM from Monday to Thursday. When you receive your invitation from the Selection Committee, you will be told the date for your Deeper Dive meeting. The meeting will be hosted by the angel group with the largest number of investors interested in your company. Investors from other angel groups are expected to attend in person to that initial meeting but accommodations will be made to include all interested investors.
  7. To facilitate due diligence (DD) efforts, you should have a secure data room with DD information to be shared with investors interested in your company. Google Drive or Dropbox are recommended for hosting the data room. A DD checklist will be provided.
  8. Due diligence prior to closing a deal normally takes two months. You can accelerate the process by having all information readily available and by being responsive to the needs of the due diligence team. If you are unavailable to participate in an active due diligence initiative, you may wish to reconsider applying for funding until you can give the activity your uninterrupted attention.

Angel Groups in The Alliance

Angel One (Burlington)

GTAN (Waterloo Region)

SWO Angels (London)