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BigRoad was created to provide the transportation industry an innovative application to simplify life for thousands of individuals and businesses. They are the #1 Android electronic driver log platform on Google Play. They set out to collaborate with drivers and fleet operators to build the best fleet management platform using today’s technologies, and they are the overwhelming choice of drivers and fleets using smart phones in their daily operations.

They are a Canadian company developing and commercializing a revolutionary new electricity generation technology developed at Western University. The patented BioGenerator system generates electrical power from hydrogen, and represents the first commercially-viable biological technology for electricity generation.


Innovation Works London is a hotbed for social innovation and we are ready to unleash a collaborative workspace to harness that momentum. Imagine a place where dynamic change-makers can bring the beat back into the very heart of London – that’s what Innovation Works is all about.

Innovation Works is a collaborative community filled with socially minded innovators dedicated to positively transforming our community. Located at 201 King Street, it is a 32,000 square foot building in central Downtown with endless possibilities.

Innovation Works is the only place in London that is intentionally designed to encourage social innovation.​

Our Scisense brand of products includes pressure sensors, pressure-volume catheters and hardware designed to measure vessel and chamber pressure, ventricular pressure and blood volume, and cardiac biopotentials.