SWO Angel Group


Presentation Basics

A natural output of our Angel group’s screening process is coaching entrepreneurs on their presentation content. Last year, we moved them from a recommended 20-minute presentation to 15 minutes and will be moving forward with another reduction to 10 minutes as part of a revamped process coming online in the next couple of months.

connectin the Dots: The IoT Revolution

Everyone knows about the Internet. It connects us and provides one of the best methods to proliferate information and opinions. But, what is the Internet of Things (“IoT”)? Enabled by sensors and electronics, this is the connection of devices and their processes to the Internet.

Beyond the bank: If you’re looking for funding for your business, the answer may lie with an angel

WHILE IT REMAINS one of the most difficult—and critical—aspects associated with any type of enterprise, there have never been more funding avenues available to help seed, launch and grow a business. With options ranging from love money (a loan from grandma, say) and government programs to bootstrapping and crowdfunding, there are countless choices for entrepreneurs looking to find the right funding fit.

Renix at the 2017 Ag Innovation Showcase

Renix is honoured to be one of 6 Canadian companies invited to join the Consulate General of Canada in Chicago at the Ag Innovation Showcase in St. Louis, MO, and thrilled to have also been selected to present at the main Showcase in the category of Farm & Food: Recovery of inputs.