SWO Angel Group

Newly Formed Alliance of Angel Groups Names Jess Joss as CEO

June 3, 2019

The Boards of Directors of the top three Southwestern Ontario Angel Groups are pleased to announce the appointment of Canadian Angel investor juggernaut Jess Joss as the new Chief Executive Officer of their umbrella angel investor group. The group, comprised of the Golden Triangle Angel Network (GTAN), Angel One Investor Network, and Southwestern Ontario Angel Group (SWO Angels), has recently embarked on a joint venture to enhance the impact that their investors can make, assisting entrepreneurs and garnering strong returns for angels and Ontario, alike. This partnership will facilitate a smoother, more efficient process for entrepreneurs seeking equity investment, and access to superlative deals for the angels. This collaboration will assist, promote and foster the expansion of the groups and increase the number of investments by their respective networks.

With over 20 years of business expertise and over a decade of investing experience, Jess Joss brings her entrepreneurial, business and marketing acumen to the newly formed joint venture.

As the former Executive Director of York Angel Investors Inc. (YAI), and current Marketing Chair of the National Angel Capital Organization Board, NACO World Angel Investment Summit 2018 Chair, Joss is well vetted in connecting dedicated angels with game-changing early-stage companies looking to grow. Joss grew the membership for YAI by over 450% while consistently increasing deal flow, completed deals and investment amounts.

“I am delighted to take on this new challenge,” said CEO of the newly formed umbrella angel investor group, Jess Joss. “With over 185 investors represented, the existing strength of these three leading networks will be further leveraged and lead to countless opportunities to expand relationships with new communities and entrepreneurs. I’m thrilled to join the team and help drive this new partnership forward.”

The partnering of GTAN, Angel One Investor Network, and SWO Angels, will allow entrepreneurs to gain access to a widened scope of industry experts and capital, which will reduce the funding timeline and have a positive impact on the investment process and negotiating power.

“The collaboration between the three networks has increased efficiencies for company selection, due diligence, deal landing and ongoing company support and success,” shared GTAN President Rob Douglas. “This new partnership allows for maximum success for both investors and entrepreneurs.”

“Forming this umbrella group of angels allows all three organizations to enhance investments in their community and maximize the market for startups,” stated Angel One Network Executive Director Karen Grant. “Under the direction of Joss, this expansive network is in a wonderful position to continue to develop.”

SWO Angels Chief Executive Officer Dennis Ensing echoes Grant’s sentiment, “Successful startup founder applicants now pitch to all three Angel groups in the same week. By presenting to the full network, companies have a higher likelihood of filling larger raises by being exposed to the groups’ combined available capital, sector expertise and investors.”

Quick Facts:

  • The Golden Triangle Angel Network is located in Waterloo Region
  • The Angel One Investor Network is located in Burlington
  • SWO Angels is located in London
  • All three groups formed the joint venture for the umbrella angel investor group
  • Collectively, the partnership represents over 185 angels
  • Over the last decade, the three groups have done 241 rounds of investment totalling $84.6 million and have benefited from 11 exits