SWO Angel Group

May Investor Meeting Highlights

May 23, 2019

By: Dennis Ensing

At our May Investor Meeting this week we had compelling presentations from 3 unique ventures, whose snapshots are included below.

Event Update:

Our final Investor Meeting before our summer break is scheduled for 7:30 am on Thursday June 20 in the MVP Lab as usual at the Convergence Centre in Western’s Discovery Park. The Events Calendar on our website includes upcoming education opportunities offered by our Angel Alliance members. NACO Canada’s 2019 World Angel Investment Summit is also upcoming June 5-7 in Calgary and we are attending. Please let me know if you are an accredited investor and would like to an invitation to any of these events.

Investment Update:

Recently February presenter Backyard Media successfully closed a follow-on investment. Negotiations and due diligence are winding up with March presenters TopSpin Technologies and Factory Bucket (both London-based companies) and their investment closings are imminent. If you are interested, please contact me.

May Presenting Companies:

Spot It is a provider of digital mapping systems to the retail industry which has struggled in the shift to an online shopping experience. Using Spot It’s system enables a retailer to offer something an online competitor can never do – that is to help a shopper find a product to see it before ever making a purchase. All of this is done using existing data that retailer already has. Properties can also be leveraged by operators to drive significant operational efficiencies and sales insights.

Deeper Dive: May 28

Borealis Wind is increasing the production and revenue of cold climate wind farms. Cold climates are ideal for wind energy production, however wind turbine icing results in significant reductions in energy production around the world and revenue loss of $250 million per year in Canada alone. Borealis Wind sells a patented retrofit device to remove and prevent ice accumulation on wind turbine blades to help wind farms reclaim their otherwise lost production and revenue.

Deeper Dive: May 29

Plurilock uses human behaviour and artificial intelligence to reduce authentication friction for regulated companies. Plurilock’s ADAPT and DEFEND products are a new breed of risk-based, adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA). Plurilock authenticates invisibly in the background based on micro-patterns in user behaviour, environment, and context. The result is affordable, fingerprint-strong authentication that leverages behavioural biometrics to eliminate cumbersome MFA devices, codes, secrets, steps, and interruptions.

Deeper Dive: June 3

All three also presented to our angel group Alliance partners, Golden Triangle Angel Network (GTAN) and Angel One Network. Interested members of all three groups are now assembling around the Deeper Dives scheduled as noted to coordinate due diligence and possible syndicated investment. Details of location and dial-in will be provided separately, or on request.