SWO Angel Group

Member Dinner Highlights
April 18, 2018

Last weeek we held our SWO Angels members met for one of our regular evening’s of socializing, this time at London Wine Bar’s new location in Wortley Village.
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Education Session and Social Recap
April 13, 2018

Last night, together with our angel alliance collaboration partners, Golden Triangle Angel Network (GTAN) and Angel One Network, we held an inaugural joint social and education event in Kitchener at Bingemans.
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Tips and Tricks for Effective Due Diligence
April 5, 2018

We’ve compiled three tips and tricks for performing effective due diligence on a business that will help you grow as an investor. Learn to improve your business due diligence.
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A Night at the Business Achievement Awards
March 26, 2018

Last week, the London Chamber of Commerce hosted the Business Achievement Awards Gala. Learn more about notable attendees and event highlights.
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Investor Meeting Highlights – March
March 22, 2018

Our monthly SWO Angels Investor Meeting capped the inaugural set of presentations in our newly formed alliance. Learn more about the three presenting ventures.
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Moving Canada Forward: What Canada’s Budget Means for Investors and Business
March 6, 2018

In this year’s federal budget, the federal government outlines ways it intends to support economic growth, helping investors and businesses. Learn more about the benefits of the budget.
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Improving Syndication for Angel Investing
February 28, 2018

At SWO Angels, we reviewed our strategic plan late in 2017. We identified two key drivers for 2018:
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Character Matters Lunch ‘n Learn Highlights
February 23, 2018

Yesterday, we had a very compelling presentation from Dr. Crossan summarizing her and her colleagues’ research “Character matters: Character dimensions’ impact on leader performance and outcomes”.
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Common Legal Pitfalls in Angel Investing
February 21, 2018

Angel Investors are often experienced businesspeople with a great eye for good ideas and talented founders. However, they are usually not lawyers with experience in some common legal pitfalls facing young companies. The following is a brief overview of some of the major legal issues that are encountered by angel investors in start-up companies.
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Investor Meeting Highlights – February
February 15, 2018

SWO Angels is a members-only non-profit organization comprised of accredited investors seeking investment opportunities in promising, early-stage businesses.
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