SWO Angel Group

January Investor Meeting Highlights

January 24, 2019

By: Dennis Ensing

Our first Investor Meeting of 2019 was held this morning. Attendance was a little lean as our new Mayor held his first State of the City breakfast at the same time, understandably competing for our members’ attention.

Snapshots of the 3 ventures who presented this morning are included below. Deeper dives with company principals are also scheduled as noted – details of location and dial-in to be provided separately, or on request.

Investment Update: Funding closings are expected in February for December presenters Chalk and SmartTones, as well as Fable Tech and SensOR Medical, who presented earlier. Due diligence will be completed on all of these in the coming weeks but there is still space for interested accredited investors.

Event Update: Our next Investor Meeting is scheduled for 7:30 am on Thursday February 21 in the MVP Lab at the Convergence Centre. Also on February 21 from 1-5 pm Angel One is holding a NACO Academy Session on “Board Governance”. Stay tuned for details of our full 2019 Lunch & Learn Series to be announced soon. Please let me know if you are an accredited investor and interested in attending any of these.

January Presenting Companies:

IRegained: A stroke is a life-changing event. Reversing its effects can be one too. We can’t undo the stroke but we can help with the process of recovery. The products and services offered by IRegained address the physical rehabilitation needs (primarily hand function) of people who sustained a brain injury caused by a stroke or accident and were left with an impaired ability to use their hands.

Deeper dive: Thursday January 31

My Broker Bee is a financial technology company focused on building the best digital workflow platform connecting the mortgage broker community with private money lenders. The platform supports a seamless transaction experience, designed to help brokers and lenders, increase sales process efficiencies and reduce costs by creating an instant qualified commitments for borrowers.

Deeper dive: Monday February 4

Sonnet is the world’s most advanced off-grid mobile mesh network. The device wirelessly connects to your smartphone, etc to let you send text, voice message, images, data, files and share GPS locations to any other Sonnet users up to several kilometers away with no cell tower, no satellite, and no subscription of any kind.

Deeper dive: Wednesday February 6

All three also presented earlier this week to our angel group Alliance partners, Golden Triangle Angel Network (GTAN) and Angel One Network. Now we will assemble the interested members of all three groups into coordinated due diligence and possible syndicated investment.