SWO Angel Group

Investor Meeting Highlights – February

February 15, 2018

Author: Dennis Ensing

Today, we held our monthly SWO Angels’ Investor Meeting, hosted by the Canadian Centre for Product Validation in their beautiful facility.

First up was Matt Grossi of Orca Intelligence. Orca provides a premier freight invoice audit and freight analytics service to North American shippers and distributors. Since inception, Orca has been successful in establishing itself as a top tier provider in the freight audit market. Within their first 18 months of operations, Orca has audited over $80M in freight, and are on pace to audit $150M in 2018. Operating in a stale industry that lacks innovation and commitment to service, Orca believes that it is primed to dominate the competition for years to come.

Then, Garry Brownrigg from Quicksilk joined us. QuickSilk offers a secure enterprise SaaS-based content management system (CMS) platform. Organizations are often faced with the frustrating task of choosing a web CMS from a very crowded and confusing market – and forced to compromise simplicity, affordability, or security. Quicksilk has been built with security at its core, and simplicity in its heart – at prices any organization can afford. On Wednesday Garry presented in Burlington at Angel One’s meeting and our interested investors will be joining Angel One’s in a deeper dive call next week.

Ben Cecil, CCPV’s CEO, gave us a personal tour of the Centre after the companies presented their investment opportunities. Security is high at the CCPV to protect documents and test samples of their clients’ products. The Centre houses in one location leading edge validation technologies and equipment for both prototyping and testing.

I also reminded the group that due diligence continues on opportunities presented recently, including SmartTones, Renix and Autoserve1.

Please contact me if you are an accredited investor and interested in attending one of our upcoming meetings. On Thursday February 22, we hold the first of our 2018 Lunch & Learn Education Series, this one entitled “Character Matters”. Then, in March we have our next Investor Meeting on the 22nd and a member-only dinner set for the 28th. Details will follow. Also, stay tuned for a significant update on our efforts to improve and streamline syndication with neighbouring affiliated Angel Groups.